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A strong independent and single 19 yr old..!

Heights of helplessness!!!

tik tik tik….as d alarm rings at 11 in the morning, she slowly gets up to see any watsapp msgs or calls- none..just 2 missed calls from mom at 8.00A.M..Who somehow got tired of calling her daughter everyday to check up if she was ohk. Here goes her everyday message ‘hope u are ohk dear..have a great vacation der..cya’! After a lousy fight with her best friend the previous night she wakes up yet again at 12 with a mini hangover…n switches on her lappy before her feet is on the ground. movies…series..go onn…for hours together skipping food and sometimes days pass by just lying down watching movies all day long. Suddenly the whole world gets boring. people who try making small talk get super irritating and u simply feel like punching them on the face.Her friends get tired of her silence because they lose interest in her..obviously who would waste their time on a person so low n depressed all the time?!?! The results phase is still bad..She obviously doesn’t have a crying shoulder! Still going in to her shell…not knowing what to do…getting suicidal ideas….totally helpless……..

n in the end of the day…tears roll down her cheeks when her best friend texts her ‘how was ur day?’


Dont be the girl who needs a man..Be the girl a man needs!

Nobody should be forced to be single, but being forced by circumstance or social pressure to be in a relationship is just as bad for some people.

In today’s scenario guys have become more ignorant towards a relationship. They have hardly any trouble getting over any issue…an hour after a break up you will find them hanging out with their friends.

So why waste our time for such guys…Be a woman!! That every man wil crave for 😀 Your dignity and respect is in your hands…

Some women chose to follow men..some towards their career…

If you are wondering which way to go..just remember..your career will never wake up beside you and say i dont love you anymore !!